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Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
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Interview with Maximilian Erlmeier about the “Humane Market Economy”

“We are burdening our children’s future; therefore it is an imperative to develop a new economic model.”

This is Maximilian Erlmeier’s demand. He is the chairperson of the think tank “Freiburger Denkfabrik” and has been the head of a brewery in the South of Germany. Against the background of the debt crisis we need a “Humane Market Economy”, he claims.

In the interview, he e ➔ Beitrag komplett anzeigen …

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20.08.2012 - 11:15 Anne-Sophie Barreau
Anne-Sophie Barreau
Das Projekt-Team
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1. – The following article might be interesting for you!

Have a look, the following article is discussing the German approach to the euro crisis:

"The Long Shadow of Ordoliberalism", Social Europe Journal (30.07.2012):


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